Adwords’ new ad suggestion rolled out in Belgium

Adwords’ new ad suggestion rolled out in Belgium

This tool recommends new variations of your existing ad copy. Can it be trusted? Will machine learning do a better job in writing ad copy?


The new ad suggestion tool of AdWords is now being launched worldwide and its goals is to boost the performance of campaigns. With machine learning and human review, new ads are being created based on existing headlines, descriptions, extensions and even landing pages. Google also uses additional signals as keywords and targeting to optimize the ad copy.

How does it work?

In the new AdWords interface, the ad suggestion will be shown in the opportunities tab for review during 14 days. There you can apply, dismiss or edit the ad suggestions. By default, auto-apply ad suggestions are activated on account level so if you don’t do anything, the ad suggestions will be implemented automatically. Once ad suggestions are applied, you can manage them like regular ads.

The supported languages are: English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French and Italian.

Our thoughts

We support new technologies like machine learning, but we suggest (get it?) to turn off the auto-apply feature and to review all the suggestions this tool is making. In terms of brand safety and copy management we recommend to even opt-out. The impact of this tool can be promising but automation in this area means less control over your brand’s voice, so we encourage keeping a close eye on the suggestion tool.