Better budget plans with Search ads 360

Better budget plans with Search ads 360

The new budget management tool offers interesting new features.

A new budget management tool in search ads 360 now helps better optimize budgets in line with goals and performance objectives.

It allows to manage and forecast budgets for an optimal spending spread, directly in the Search Ads 360 interface. The new budget management interface makes it possible to manage budgets for the search advertising networks of Google Ads and Bing Ads.

The new tool enables to create different budget groups, where campaign segments may be defined that reflect business objectives or structure. Within a budget group, a plan may be set up to manage adspends on any given period.

The tool  not only allows to better control under- or overspend,  but also to create a budget bid strategy which automates changing budgets and bids.

The budget management tool is in Beta but don’t hesitate to reach out to your search expert in order to get additional information on this new tool.