Bye Bye average position

Bye Bye average position

No mistake: the average position of Google ads will disappear soon.

Basically, the average ad position refers to the order of where your ad is shown but it does not say what the specific location is. For instance, you could have a position 1 but this does not mean that your ad will be shown at the top of the SERP (Search engine result page).

In fact, Google recently introduced new metrics that provide more detailed insights on the location of your ads: top impression rate, absolute top impression rate, top impression share and absolute top impression share.

Since these newly introduced metrics give a better view of the actual ad position within the SERP’s, Google decided it will remove the average position metric in September 2019.

Our take on this change is a bit mixed. We do report on impression share metrics and also on average position. We believe that the average position gives a nice overview of the accounts and is an easy to understand metric since not everyone is an expert in SEM. But it’s nice to see that Google is critical of its own metrics and offers a more in-depth view of the actual position of our ads.