“Catch Me” : RMB new video targeting offer

“Catch Me” : RMB new video targeting offer

RMB, saleshouse of RTBF online video inventory, has launched a new commercial offer based on several targeting possibilities they called “Catch Me”. This video targeting service gives access to demographic profiles, places of living, or interests: 

  • Catch Me @ my place : target surfer's place of residence
  • Catch Me: target the socio-demographic profile (sex and age) of the surfer
  • Catch Me @ my interests: target surfer browsing habits

It is available on all video inventory of the RTBF sites, on all devices, both programmatic and IO. In addition, it will be possible to combine those criteria in order to refine the targeting of their campaigns thanks to the offer “Mix & Catch”.

The data come from the information declared (2.2 million profiles) but also observed (surfing habits) collected from users of RTBF Web platforms. It is stored and managed by the Adobe Audience Manager Data Management Platform (DMP). The segments are then sent to the different sales technologies. Of course, the data is collected in accordance with the GDPR legal policy.

Adding valuable audience segments to our campaigns is always a good news as our aim is to qualify as much as possible the audiences we want to reach. Such sharp targeting may increase the ROI  and minimize the advertising “waste” among irrelevant targets.