Dailymotion new video format : Fast Impact

Dailymotion new video format : Fast Impact

Dailymotion, the French based video-sharing platform, has launched a new video format now available for all advertisers.

Fast Impact is a preroll format that allows users to fast-forward directly to the key message of the brand.

How does it work? After 5 seconds viewing, Fast Impact format shows a Call-to-Action that enables the user to go directly to the final 3 seconds of the spot instead of skipping the ad.

What do we think? This new format provides with 8 seconds of actual viewing and enables brands to deliver their key message without being intrusive. However, we can see Fast Impact as a skippable format.   

This format will be only available on insertion order and the CPM price will fluctuate between 20€ and 29€. Dailymotion sales house in Belgium is Skynet.