DPG Media video developments

DPG Media video developments

As of March 2, DPG Media will reboot its offering:

- linear: 

CAZ2 will start as a new channel dedicated to series, including the "Walter presents", that up to now are only avaialble on VTM Go. Other names announced: Clan, Cordon and Mr. Robot, generally "bing watching enabled" as several episodes will be broadcast in a row

VTM Kids will merge the former VTM Kids & VTM Kids Jr. (Nickelodeon & Nick Jr.) the "kids only" menu on VTM GO will be enlarged to fi Sponge Bob or Paw Patrol

- digital 

Thanks to an agreement with Viacom (Nickelodeon & Nick Jr.), the "kids only" part of VTM GO will be enlarged to fi Sponge Bob or Paw Patrol.

Ambition is to further develop VTM GO as a paid for streaming platform. Some call it the "Flemish Netflix", with a large focus on fiction. Prestigious projects as De Bende by Jan De Lichte will start on the platform. On a daily basis, VTM Go reaches 43K people aged 12+, peaking to 319K monthly (CIM Internet Nov-Dec 2019/Jan 2020).