Facebook updates its video metrics

Facebook updates its video metrics

Video consumption is evolving quickly, especially on mobile. As a result, Facebook is implementing different advertising solutions in an attempt to adapt to the video content behaviours across its platforms.

So they identified 5 types of video consumption, as shown in the graphs below:


At Facebook they are updating their video metrics focusing on total amount of time a video was viewed) and they are also introducing new reporting for video plays. In the meantime, they remove some old KPI for more compact reporting.

Measuring unrepeated seconds

On Facebook, you can rewind a video ad, or watch it several times. Previously, Facebook was calculating each view as unique, even if one single user would watch a video ad 3 times. Advertisers have complained about this and said that they’d rather have more accurate metrics of unique viewers, even if this means lower views generated in the end.So from now on, even if you watch an ad 3 times, it will be counted as 1.

Introducing video plays

Since the videos start playing automatically, one impression should equal one video view. However, if a user’s phone is on low battery, or has low internet connection, the video will not start automatically and there will be a gap between impressions and video views. Therefore Facebook introduced a new KPI into its Business Manager: Video Plays metric. They are also associating with MOAT to introduce this new KPIs into their platform.

Removing redundant and infrequently-used video metrics

Those two KPIs: 30 seconds video views and video percentage watched are not in the business manager anymore. Instead they introduced the "2 seconds continuous video views" metric, that is assumed to be more relevant.