Friends of Search Belgium : Technical and inspiring

Space attended the very first Friends of Search conference usually hosted in Amsterdam, but now, for the first time in Belgium. It is the unmissable congress for SEO and SEA marketers. We highly recommend this conference if you are interested in this area for two reasons: First, the level of expertise is very high and you get hands one tips and tricks you can apply immediately. Second, the international speakers have a huge expertise and will inspire you for sure to get your hands dirty.

Our SEA team was present and has taken some great ideas which will be discussed with our clients but here are some key take-aways from the day:

Brad Geddes from Adalysis, and Gianluca Binelli from Boosterbox both presented how the changing match type structure from Google as an impact on account structures and search terms. Especially the close variant can create chaos but is manageable with either scripts or by trying to incorporate these variants in an adapted campaign structure.  With some fun excel calculation we can measure the dispersion index on campaign/ad groups and act on that if necessary.

Martin Röttgerding from Bloofusion Germany presented the interesting idea of conditional ads which are special way to use ad customization. Instead of feeding the ads through the feed, they actually use the feed as a condition. If a certain condition is met, than the ad will be active. This gives more possibilities like time, location or weather based optimizations but is also beneficial to reporting since ads have more data than the customization feed.

Last but not least came Frederick Vallaeys from Optmyzr, a CPC guru who recently published the book: Digital Marketing in an AI World. He showcased the fact that current technologies like AI and machine learning are great tools but only in combination with a human mind. This way, he ensured that we will still keep our jobs in the future.

We thank Friends of Search and their partners for this great event and you want to hear more about these topics, don’t hesitate to contact your search expert.