Hawk : the mobile platform goes desktop

Hawk : the mobile platform goes desktop

Hawk, also known as Tabmo, is for the time being a platform specialized in mobile advertising. They guarantee access to a large premium inventory in Belgium and worldwide. They are specialized in video but had recently opened their inventory to display buying.

As of May 6th, Tabmo will open its video inventory to desktop. The goal is to allow to have a complete campaign on multiple devices : mobile, tablet and desktop.

For the launch of that new opportunity, Tabmo will only focus on video. But in the long term, the objective is also to allow it with display bannering. To buy that inventory, it’s necessary to use Hawk/Tabmo platform, like before for the mobile campaign.

For the start of that action, desktop has to be seen as an extension of mobile campaign on Hawk. Not all the mobile targeting (such as geotargeting, drive to store, …) will be available on desktop.

Hawk has already a large and premium inventory. By adding desktop to the offer, they are strongly increasing their potential.