Mag Advertising: federating magazines

Mag Advertising: federating magazines

Since the end of 2017, Mag Advertising consists of the merger  between former sales houses Rossel Advertising, IP Print and Editions L’ Avenir . The portfolio includes 18 magazines -see below- with a  strong crossmedia offer, combining print & digital,  in the North and the South (but stronger there), open to native advertising and providing high brand safety levels.

Mag Advertising reaches with more than 1,4 million copies and almost 4 million contacts, 40% of the French speaking  shoppers.

To reach these different readers Mag Advertising has created different packages (print+web) : TV Mag South, TV Mag 6 Pack+ (North+South), News Mag South, Mag Max (North+South), Men Mag Pack (North+South) and News Mag National (North+South).

Current titles list:

  • Bahamontes , NL, 4/year)
  • Be TV - Le Mag, FR, bimonthly, CIM audited
  • Ciné Télé Revue, FR, weekly, CIM audited
  • Deuzio, FR, weekly, CIM audited
  • EOS, NL, monthly, CIM audited
  • Motoren & Toerisme, NL, monthly, CIM audited
  • Moustique, FR, weekly, CIM audited
  • Primo, NL, weekly, CIM audited
  • Psyche&Brein, NL, 5/year
  • Soir Mag, FR, weekly, CIM audited
  • Télé Pocket, FR, weekly, CIM audited
  • Télépro, FR, weekly, CIM audited
  • Télé Star, FR, weekly, CIM audited
  • Top Santé, FR, monthly, CIM audited
  • Touring, NL+FR, 6/year, CIM audited
  • TV News, FR, monthly, CIM audited
  • Vital, FR, bimonthly
  • Vital Food, FR, quarterly
  • WAW, FR, quarterly