No fast forward possible in time shift viewing ?

Time shift viewing has become significant in our country. In 2018, ±20% of viewing time by adults 18-54 years was not live (more in Flanders, than in the French-speaking part of Belgium, as shown in the graph below):

In time shift, most of the advertising time (at least 80%) is fast forwarded, resulting in less revenues for TV channels, as ad viewing is only reported -and paid for- while it occurs at normal speed. So it has been argued, especially in Flanders, that access providers should disable the fast forward options when TV content is viewed in time shift on their boxes. "Commercial suicide" replied Telenet, that is both media owner (SBS) and access provider (63% household penetration in the North). Such an obligation would be unique as far as we know, but it seems very unlikely to happen.

See also (enclosed) our Seen from Space graph on ad viewing, live vs time shift.