Teads True Visits : a new performance offer

Teads True Visits : a new performance offer

The sales house Teads is well known for its native video formats. A few weeks ago, they announced the deployment of their first performance offer on Belgian market.

In our experience,  large numbers of clicks purchased and recorded do not end up as actual visits to the client’ site. Thanks to a pixel implemented directly on the client's website, this solution allows the saleshouse to optimize on true visits instead of just clicks.

The second advantage in this offer is the possibility to exclude recurring website visitors from the campaign, ensuring traffic only from new customers.

With "True Visits", Teads introduces a new purchase model: Incremental Visitor Cost (CPiV), or Cost Per Incremental Visitor. Which means that brands no longer pay for clicks but only for new visitors, by excluding former visitors from their website.

To ensure optimal results for this type of campaign, Teads requires a minimum investment of 15K to get access to all three formats (see pictures below). The algorithm then optimizes the campaign using the most efficient formats.


In our opinion, Teads takes a step further in the display advertising world: their formula follows the performance trend with transparent and qualified products.