Video format available via Ligatus in IO and programmatic

Video format available via Ligatus in IO and programmatic

Ligatus  has recently introduced the first video format in its portfolio. This new native and expandable video format is integrated into the current placements of Ligatus smart boxes within the publishers' environment.

The video starts when it is visible in the player and stops when it is no longer in-view like a classic In-Read video format. It works on an opt-in system where the sound is off by default. The video disappears when completed and is replaced by other Ligatus ads.

This technology can support the VAST 2.0 formats and VPAID 2.0 Integrated Media. There is a maximum duration of 15 seconds. The impression is counted when the player is visible at 50% on the screen and when the video is viewed during at least 2 seconds (IAB standard)

The vCPM  is € 4.5 for IO purchase meaning that Ligatus is in charge of the optimization of the campaign. The performances in terms of CTR are between 0.05% and 0.09%. Viewability rates vary between 55%  and 70%

For the moment first results come from programmatic tests via Open Exchange. The saleshouse is not able to provide direct purchase results yet but first campaigns will be reported soon.